7 Tips for Night Truck Driving

7 tips for driving at night

Driving at night can be a real challenge for truckers. As someone who’s been driving trucks for years, we know how to stay safe on the road no matter what time it is. Here are our top 7 tips for successful night truck driving – they’ll help you get from A to B safely while […]

How to Save Money on Fuel as an Owner Operator

Being an owner-operator in today’s market, you must be struggling to save big on fuel. With diesel prices increasing each day, it is very important to find the best way to save big on fuel. We often hear that fuel is a “fixed” cost, meaning that it can not be controlled – but we would […]

Importance of Proof of Delivery in Trucking

what is pod

Making sure that the goods are delivered from the sender to the customer is the ultimate goal in the trucking industry. Ensuring that goods in our expedited delivery reach their destination as fast as possible and in good condition, is of paramount importance. And at the end, there is the POD or proof of delivery, which is […]

Protecting You and Your Truck on The Road

things to keep in truck

In any profession, especially the trucking industry, safety should always come first. Most of the time you will be carrying valuable cargo which can be susceptible to theft. So no matter how much in a hurry you are, even if you are on expedited delivery, you should keep these tips in mind to minimize the […]

Healthy Diet Tips for Long-Haul Truck Drivers

truck driver diet

Long-haul truck drivers are often faced with the challenge of maintaining a healthy diet while on the road for extended periods. The long hours spent sitting behind the wheel and the limited access to healthy food can make it difficult for the driver to make healthy choices. However, it is of utmost importance for drivers […]

Truck Driving Safety Tips

Safety Driving Messages

No matter how accordingly and strictly you follow the driving laws, you are only one driver among thousands on the road. With that in mind safety always comes first, doesn’t matter if you are a long-haul truck driver or a short-haul one, and in the article below we will explain a few tips that every […]

How to Safely Park Your Semi-Truck

semi truck parking near me

You are on a long-haul delivery, it’s time to call it a day, find a parking spot, and get some well-deserved rest. Seems pretty straightforward, but finding a parking spot and parking your semi-truck can be more challenging than you think. According to a survey from 2015, semi-truck parking was one of the most critical issues […]

How to Properly do a Truck Pre-Trip Inspection

how to do a pre trip inspection

Whether you are in for a long haul or a last-mile delivery, a truck pre-trip inspection is the first thing any trucker should do before beginning any trip. The purpose of the inspection is to make sure that your truck, cargo, and trailer don’t have any issues that could cause trouble during the trip. When Is […]

How to Avoid Truck Overweight Fines

overweight truck

Doesn’t matter what goods you are transferring, whether it’s short or long-haul transportation, you should always be cautious not to overweight your truck, since most of the time you will be the one that will have to pay the fine, and furthermore a fine can permanently damage the reputation of the driver and the company. […]